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Omega Flightmaster - 145.036: The Pilot's Watch

The Omega Flightmaster is just a cool watch. No denying it. It definitely has its following but by know means once of the most popular vintage Omega's. This particular model was brought to be me by the original owner who wore it while sailing and he wished to do so again. His goal was total water resistance so he opted to have all the pushers, crowns, etc replaced. he wasn't looking to ever sell the piece on. Of course, like all my watches that are serviced, original components are returned so if the decision to put those old parts back on is ever made, it can be done so. A few of the hands had cracked pipes or the rivets holding them together had completely gone. Instead of restoring the old hands, he decided to have a whole new hand set installed, after consultation. This one was pretty easy inside. We could see the evidence of years of use without much intervention. A few rust pinions and wheels, but pallet stones and so on. The Omega caliber 911 is ahoy to work on and I love the design process behind the second timezone hand. All needed movement parts were replaced, hands, gaskets, pushers, crown and crystal. The movement was fully serviced and ready for decades more use.

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