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Have Questions? 

See the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. 

Why Choose An Independent Watchmaker?

We are watch lovers first and foremost and vintage watches are our passion. All work is done start to finish by one person, Ashton, and your wishes are strictly followed. We don't routinely polish or refinish watches unless specifically requested. We also employ luminous stabilization techniques and preserve as many original components as we can. Of course, always discussing it with the customer first. 

Are You Associated With Rolex?

No, we are not associated with Rolex Canada or worldwide, however, we stock many original Rolex parts and can obtain everything we need from our network of suppliers around the world.

How Long Will My Repair Take?

Each vintage watch is different and presents its own challenges. We aim to complete all repairs within 8 weeks of receipt, but it can be longer depending on the job and parts/scope of work required. 

How Can I Get In Touch?

We prefer to email due to the fact that we are a one man operation and our time is limited. Email also enables us to track track of all the requirements that our customers request. We can offer a phone consultation if it is necessary. 

I'm Nervous To Ship My Watch, What Should I Do?

We can understand that shipping an expensive item can make people nervous. We can organize insured shipping to and from our workshop with FedEx collecting your watch from your home or office. This pick up service is only available to customers in Canada.

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