Modern Watch Servicing

All watches serviced as precision horology go through the same 10 step process. We don't cut corners, instead focusing on the highest quality work possible. 

  1. Initial inspection

  2. Disassembly of case and bracelet - ultrasonic cleaning

  3. Disassembly of the movement - inspection of worn components and replacement of defective/worn parts.

  4. 4 stage cleaning cycle of movement components.

  5. Lubrication and assembly of movement.

  6. Timing checks and adjustments to factory specifications. 

  7. Assembly of case/dial/hands. 

  8. Power reserve and timing checks.

  9. Final quality control checks - water resistance checking and renewal

10. Return to customer with 2 year guarantee. 

Vintage Watch Servicing & Restoration

OUR GOAL - We are vintage watch lovers first and foremost and restoring your vintage watch is what we do - we don’t offer any partial repairs of movements, only undertaking complete servicing of the entire watch. Cutting corners and doing cheap jobs isn't our goal; providing you with the highest quality watch restoration is our sole mission. We understand the importance of originality, and don't just replace parts, instead choosing to preserve vintage components that the brand service centres will routinely exchange. Value in vintage watches comes from original components, and we understand that. Ultimately, we give customers the choice - keep entirely original, replace certain components, or make new again - whatever your goal, we listen and don't do anything without your approval or without having a discussion on the impact your choice may make on the value of the timepiece. 

All work comes with a 2-year guarantee and that is one we stand by. Staying up to date with modern tooling and equipment is important to us, combined with using vintage machinery, as well as keeping up to date on the latest industry practices regarding lubricants and the like helps us to give you the best experience possible. 

Every last component is removed from your timepiece and rebuilt from the ground up, repairing and restoring as many original parts as possible, and obtaining NOS parts where appropriate. We understand the value of originality in watch collecting and don’t do anything without the customer’s approval.

Some techniques we employ to restore your vintage watch include:

  • Wheel and pivot straightening

  • Refinishing of worn pivots

  • Polishing/graining components

  • Parts manufacturing

  • Custom bushing manufacturing

  • Luminous stabalization 

Our approach isn’t just to make sure your watch will last the warranty period, but to think 4-6 years down the road, and complete the required work now to avoid problems in the future.

Vintage watch brands we service include Omega, Rolex Tudor, Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre, Universal Geneve, Vacheron Constantin, Landeron, Valjoux, IWC, Tissot, Excelsior Park, Lemania, Heuer, Bovet, Audemars Piguet, Cartier, Zenith, Girard-Perragaux, Ulysse Nardin, A. Lange & Sohne, Breitling, Piaget, Venus, Baume & Mercier, Doxa, Bulova, Hamilton, Seiko including Grand Seiko, King Seiko  and more. 

Please get in touch today to discuss your next horological project.