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Omega Constellation: Gold Capped - Pie Pan Dial

The pie pan dial Omega Constellation is an instantly recognizable watch and one that is loved by collectors all over the world. This one came through the shop and was a family heirloom.

Here's the watch after the complete overhaul was completed. We installed a new crystal and crown, which really made the watch stand out.

Side profile view.

The movement was generally dirty and needed a good overhaul

Here we can see that the rotor bearing has worn, causing the automatic weight to drag on the movement and the case-back too

We for the new bearing into the auto weight for an in-depth look at this process you can see our article on it here.

Here is the auto weight with the new bearing. Note how it has been tightened up and no longer drags.

The dial side of the watch.

The movement side.

The balance had too much end-shake and needed to be adjusted. When we have too much end-shake our time-keeping is affected due to the sloppiness of the components meshing together. Too little end-shake and the amplitude will suffer causing the watch to stop.

Here we see a worn seconds pinion friction spring, it will be replaced. This spring could be reused, but the amplitude would suffer. When we service watches we think 3-5 years down the road, not just the next 6 months. We change all components that need it.

Omega specify that certain parts should be changed if they are the old style part. The old style parts have deficiencies that have shown issues over time.

The movement has been cleaned and now we can assemble. New mainspring goes into the barrel.

The gear train and barrel are installed.

Bridges go on the movement.

More components are installed.

Balance is in place and we have movement!

We now out the automatic block together.

Automatic work is installed.

Dial side parts complete.

The dial and hands are then installed and the watch is ready for testing.


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