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Omega Chronostop 'Driver': Restoring A Beloved Family Heirloom

I really love the Omega Chronostop. It's such a classic watch with not many rivals. This particular iteration of the Chronostop is called the 'Driver' due to its different orientation to the regular Chronostop. This watch came to me from the original owners son and he wanted it restored after it had been neglected for many years. You can see the rust and dirt build up around the crown and case. At some point during its life the seconds hand had been replaced with an incorrect one. A new seconds hand was installed, new crown and pusher as well as a crystal, as the customer''s goal was functionality of this piece, not a collector. The movement was completely serviced, water resistance restored to the case and it was ready once again for decades of use and to be handed down to the next generation.


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