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Modern Watch Servicing 

No matter the watch brand being serviced, all our watches go through the same 10 step service procedure, following through on our commitment to quality. Our service procedure is outlined below. 

Step 1: Initial inspection of the watch to determine the condition. clear communication is established with the customer to understand expectations. 

Step 2: We completely dismantle the watch to determine what movement components are required. The customer will receive our fixed quote at this point. 

Step 3: Change worn components  and make all needed adjustments 

Step 4: Once the movement is dismantled it goes through 5 stage cleaning process. 

Step 5: Now cleaned, the movement is assembled and each component is lubricated with synthetic greases and oils.

Step 6: The case is then stripped down, all gaskets and/or components changed. The case and bracelet are ultrasonically cleaned. 

Step 7: Once the movement is lubricated and assembled, the initial timing and performance checks are run. Then the dial and hands are installed and the watch is cased for real world testing. 

Step 8: The case is tested for water resistance. 

Step 9: Final inspection and quality control.

Step 10: The watch is shipped back to the customer complete with 2-year guarantee on the work performed. 

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